Our Way Ahead — A Strategic Framework


Greetings to all:

After a comprehensive, year-long process, we are excited to announce a strategic framework that will guide our organization for the next seven years. The Pursuing the Dream Foundation — in fact, in my view, probably all foundations — exists for times like these. Times defined by crisis and great need.

For the last three years, The Foundation has been in a mode of launch and recovery. First, we have been in launch mode as we were incorporated in February of 2019 and the global pandemic stymied any hope of starting up our planned launch programs. We’ve had to totally start from scratch and rethink how we are going to serve and implement our mission and vision.

No one could not have foreseen dealing with a reality the likes of which none of us have seen. Since 2020 being confronted with a combination of immediate needs and long-term concerns, all caused or exacerbated by a global health crisis and economic turmoil brought on by skyrocketing global inflation. As we pick up the pieces, we will try our best with the resources we have, to attend to these issues while not neglecting the need to secure the stability of our newly established nonprofit. We have admittedly been flying blind, thrust into action to assist those we can with the meager resources we have. If ever there was a time for us to step up and lead, it is now. And that is exactly what we are endeavoring to do.

This framework charts a bold path for our organization. The challenges of helping to support a sustainable and equitable recover, creating perpetual transformative change, and shifting systems of oppression, are complex, and we cannot realize our ambitions on our own. Making progress towards these objectives will require new approaches and a collaborative effort.

As we step into this new phase, our primary commitments to our vision and mission remain unchanged. In all that we do, we aim to empower underserved and underrepresented communities, organizations and enterprises that are invested in positive impacts. In this moment, in order to move forward as an organization, we know we must do all we can to shift the systems that have maintained inequities, many of which have been amplified during the pandemic and now with the onset of horrific inflation.

Each day is bringing significant challenges and pressures on the operations of nonprofit organizations – and on their leadership.

Like the communities we seek to serve and empower, we are wrestling with issues we never anticipated wrestling with. And in all transparency, we don’t have all the answers. But it is precisely because of these uncertain circumstances that the mandate of the Foundation is crystal clear; to work diligently to bring to life the programs and services that represent empowerment and perpetual change.

We like so many, have been robbed by the pandemic of our opportunity to plant the foundation in the way we had hoped. We take this time to regroup, rejuvenate and set our way ahead. We press on with our mission, “Pursuing a World Where Dreams Never Die and Hope Never Fades.This is our motivation. This is our passion. This is our duty.

You’re invited to view our Strategic Plan here.